I pledge to use my office to be an independent voice and advocate for kamaʻāina, and stand against the pay-to-play special interest corruption that has held back progress for the people of Hawaiʻi for too long.

I will demonstrate my commitment to the people of Hawaiʻi above all else through these two actions:

1. Turn down political bribes in any form and reject all campaign contributions more than $100 from corporate PACs and lobbyists, and the executives of luxury and out-of-state developers, major landowners, hotel conglomerates, energy monopolies, and military contractors.

2. Boldly champion the following solutions to put the people and places of Hawaiʻi first:

A. House Our People: building enough public housing for rent and ownership to meet local demand; establishing rent control and a tenants’ bill of rights; taxing vacant homes and non-resident homeowners; and fulfilling our obligation to Kānaka Maoli by ending the Hawaiian Homelands waitlist once and for all.

B. Cut Energy Costs: lowering energy and fuel prices for working people by accelerating our transition to 100% clean energy by 2035 and expanding electric public transit and vehicle access to end our dependence on expensive foreign oil; empowering the community to input, own, and guide development.

C. Mālama ‘Āina: preserving agriculture and conservation land for those purposes; protecting environmental and cultural impact requirements; taxing tourists to pay for their impact on our environment, infrastructure, public resources, and culture and dedicate those funds towards restoration and preservation; utilizing Kānaka Maoli knowledge in stewardship of our environment and return land and waters to Kānaka Maoli community stewardship; protecting our water resources under the public trust doctrine; and committing to serious evaluation of expiring military leases to determine whether they should be renewed.

D. Ensure Fairness: advancing Kānaka Maoli values of gender and LGBTQ+ equity through additional workplace protections and equal pay, make the minimum wage a living wage by tying it to our rising cost of living; reducing sex trafficking by targetting exploiters and reclaiming our land and bodies; expanding social and economic programs to provide equal opportunities for new immigrants.

E. Government for the People, Not Big Money: the full public financing of our elections, ban on corporate contributions, regulation of corporate donor bundling, banning contributions during session, automatic voter registration, ranked choice voting, and the full disclosure of gifts, expenditures, visitors logs, clients, and bills lobbyists are working on.

The Our Hawaiʻi Pledge